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Cel mai mare dusman al binelui

publicat 2024-04-19 00:00:02 (Bursa)
Care este cel mai mare dusman al binelui? 'Raul', o sa zica pe loc cineva, fara sa zABOVEasca prea mult! Cine sa fie dusmanul Binelui, daca nu Raul? ...continuare.

Subscriptions of almost 3.2 billion lei in the Fidelis offer, ABOVE those of the previous operation

publicat 2024-04-18 00:00:03 (Bursa)
* The annual interest rates are between 6% and 7% for installments in lei, respectively 4% and 5% for those in euros * The titles will be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange next week ...continuare.

Macquarie: 'It will be difficult to keep crude oil prices ABOVE $90 a barrel'

publicat 2024-04-12 00:00:04 (Bursa)
Crude oil futures fell in foreign markets yesterday as lingering US inflation dampened interest rate cut optimism. However, stock market quotes are holding close to six-month highs as investors consider a potential attack on Israel by Iran, according to Reuters. ...continuare.

EIB survey: The shock in the energy sector strongly affected Romanian companies

publicat 2024-03-20 00:00:03 (Bursa)
* The proportion of enterprises in our country facing financial constraints is far ABOVE the European average, according to the bank * Romanian companies showed resistance beyond expectations in the face of the slowdown in economic growth, according to the... ...continuare.

Bank of America: 'Nvidia is still not expensive at a valuation of two trillion dollars'

publicat 2024-03-15 00:00:02 (Bursa)
* The bank raised its price target on the company and #39;s stock to $1,100, according to Business Insider * The new price target is 20% ABOVE Nvidia and #39;s midweek quote ...continuare.

Raiffeisen estimates that Transgaz will distribute 50% of the profit to dividends

publicat 2024-03-11 00:15:03 (Bursa)
* The bank and #39;s analysis indicates a price target of 21.6 lei for the company and #39;s shares, ABOVE the recent market price ...continuare.

Meteorology and nature - another temperature record has fallen

publicat 2024-03-08 00:00:06 (Bursa)
Temperature records are falling at an alarming rate. February 2024 was the warmest month ever recorded worldwide, thus joining a series of nine consecutive monthly records, with temperatures well ABOVE normal in Europe, the European Copernicus Observatory... ...continuare.

Premiere: The major index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange has crossed the threshold of 40,000 points

publicat 2024-03-05 00:00:11 (Bursa)
The reference index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nikkei 225, closed yesterday and #39;s session ABOVE 40,000 points, for the first time in history, Reuters reports, adding that the Japanese market continues its upward trend fueled by corporate governance... ...continuare.

CMPF report: Local journalists in Romania, dependent on the political factor and the amounts allocated by the authorities

publicat 2024-03-04 00:00:02 (Bursa)
*The study carried out on the local press in the 27 EU member states shows that in Romania there is a high risk regarding the safety of journalists and extremely low editorial independence *The main factor that led to the ABOVE situation: the preferential... ...continuare.

Dan Dascal, CEO of BT Asset Management: 'We expect the local market to bring returns ABOVE what we see on the main exchanges'

publicat 2024-01-30 00:00:03 (Bursa)
Dan Dascal, CEO of BT Asset Management: 'We expect the local market to bring returns <span style='background:#EDF514'>ABOVE</span> what we see on the main exchanges' * 'The degree of indebtedness of the BSE companies is quite low, compared to that of the stock exchanges in the region' * 'It is not excluded that in 2024 we will see some turbulence coming from the corporate debt refinancing segment' * 'Thanks to the emergence of recurring investment services,... ...continuare.

Strong gains on the BSE, well ABOVE the appreciation of the major western markets

publicat 2024-01-25 00:00:03 (Bursa)
Strong gains on the BSE, well <span style='background:#EDF514'>ABOVE</span> the appreciation of the major western markets * The listing of Hidroelectrica - the main catalyst of the evolution of our stock market * Gross dividend yield of 9.8% for Hidro shares compared to year-end price, according to broker estimates * Finances collected 6.4 billion lei from the population, through three Fidelis issues ...continuare.